Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management software is designed to assist your business in organizing all the data associated with a client.  Information can be gathered from the time you initially conduct your marketing, to the initial lead, to the sale and any ongoing communications or support.  

All businesses need to build customer loyalty, and growing businesses need to pay particular attention to giving good customer service. As word of mouth plays a significant part in attracting new business, investing in customer service is an investment in customer acquisition.

CRM benefits businesses by centralizing sales and customer data into an efficient environment for managing all aspects of customer interaction. Individual customer data can be stored in an organized fashion and customer history can be maintained accurately. Having the customer data organized in this manner enables you to better analyze customer success factors. You can gain a clear in-depth understanding regarding the specific preferences of individual customers. This helps to provide effective one-to-one services to maximize customer satisfaction.

You can expect your CRM to benefit in the following ways:

  • Get a full circle view of your customer - be aware of every targeted marketing activity, customer complaint, and sales history before picking up the phone.
  • Improve the effectiveness of targeted marketing communications aimed specifically at customer needs, allowing you to spend your marketing budget wisely.
  • Improve cross-selling and up-selling by highlighting and suggesting alternatives or enhancements.
  • Identify potential sales opportunities
  • Improve communication between marketing, sales, and support departments.
  • Measure customer value - use CRM to quickly differentiate high-value customers
  • Anticipate customer needs based on sales history
  • Improve customer service responsiveness when handling customer questions or concerns.
  • Reduce the cost of handling customer orders

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