Learning Management System (LMS)

Help your employees expand their skills and expertise, and they’ll deliver results through increased productivity and efficiency, streamlined business processes and a better bottom line.

A learning management system is an application that enables the delivery and management of online and instructor-led training content to learners.  It will also allow for user registration, and learner assessment, competency management and skills-gap analysis.

Overall, an LMS is a high-level, strategic solution for planning, delivering, and managing all learning events within an organization, including online, virtual classroom and instructor-led courses. It is the perfect solution for replacing isolated and fragmented learning programs with a methodical means of assessing and raising competency and performance levels throughout the organization.  Organizations implementing an LMS can expect to experience a cost reduction in training activities.

You can expect your Learning Management System to benefit in the following ways:

  • Ability to measure the effectiveness of training initiatives
  • Provide reporting and tracking for staff decision making and human capital management.
  • Develop competency-based learning solutions to help increase worker productivity and reduce training costs.
  • Deliver valuable training resources to employees when needed.
  • Automation of manual paper-based processes
  • Attraction and retention of top performers
  • Ability to link compensation to organizational results

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