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Training Services

Partner with a proven organization with many years of service working with small and large organizations on their training needs.  By choosing to work with a partner on your training needs, you can focus on doing what you do best which is managing your organization, and looking after your competitive advantage.   

At Laurstan we view our relationship with you as a partnership.  Since learning is one of our core competencies, and making companies successful is how we stay in business, we have many different levels of services available for increasing the effectiveness of learning in your organization.  We focus on all aspects of learning to enable you to leverage your core competencies.  This kind of partnership is guaranteed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

Research has indicated that the majority of training offered in organizations today does not work!  Unfortunately, employees do not change their work behaviour as a result of most training.  We can help reverse that trend.Our approach to training design and development works to get the results you need.  Effective training design and development makes the difference between having employees who can think on their feet and solve Customer problems, and employees who just sit through training with no noticeable benefit.

Laurstan will design and develop any or all of your training.  We'll learn about the specifics of your processes and procedures from your subject matter experts (SMEs) and guide you in choosing the best delivery formats (e-learning, classroom, self-study, etc.) that will be most appropriate for the content and your groups of Learners.   Also since Laurstan is an IT consulting firm, we also can develop the content and provide the Learning Management tools to support your content, course management and other learning initiatives.

We'll provide solid measures of effectiveness and help you show a positive return on your training investment. Our approach is thorough and is designed so that you receive our utmost attention and customer service from initial project planning to delivery of the final products.
Expected outcome of our Training Services:

  • Focus can remain on core business activities.
  • Access to Training solutions and expertise.
  • Better utilization of internal employees
  • Flexibility in Operations
  • Acquire new ideas
  • Lower investment in assets
  • Reduced risk

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